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Retail and Commercial Law

We can assist various business types in all stages of the business life cycle, from incorporation or acquisition, general trading, to sale, succession or insolvency.

While we assure that our advice is available for application, we also aim to give consultation wherever possible to consider potential extenuating circumstances unique to our clients' business and individual needs to meet our clients' objectives promptly. Our solicitors can assist in all business matters, whether retail or commercial practices, for all business owners.


Southern Legal gives full-service advice regarding retail and commercial matters. We can assist with you with, but limited to, the following:

 1. Review, prepare or negotiate contracts, deeds, leases (for retail and commercial) and other agreements including agency, distribution, supply, license and confidentiality agreements, and standard terms of trade;

 2. Business structuring or restructuring, mergers and acquisitions consultation, and consequent tax implications;

 3. Start-up, e-commerce, privacy and IT law including protection of such IT property such as trademarks and license agreements;

 4. Your rights and obligations with regards to Employment laws;

 5. Offer advice on Franchising, Partnerships, Shareholder/Unitholder arrangements and Joint Venture Agreements;

 6. Consultation on property, leasing and construction considerations;

 7. Business sale and purchase (please refer to our page 'Business Conveyancing');

 8. Advise of the importance of 'legal due diligence', regulatory and compliance considerations and corporate governance, where applicable;

 9. Banking and finance options and source funding;

 10. Disputes and litigation.

 11. Offer advice in matters relating to share capital, dividends and loan capital;

 12. Risk management and business succession planning

 13. Establishing and providing information concerning trusts and trust construction.

Our clients include several small-medium enterprises, large Australian businesses, international enterprises with Australian business holdings, online companies and start-ups.


Southern Legal operates on a combination of fixed-fee and scaled pricing, where applicable, to provide you with cost-effective and transparent estimates of your legal fees.

For further information,
please contact us to discuss your needs.

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