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Overview of Migrant Visas

As with many countries, some of the primary routes to emigrating to Australia are based on work visas, family visas, investment/ business development visas, and refugee and humanitarian protection immigration routes.

Family and Partner Visas:

Some of the most popular visas under this category include the following:

Child Visa: The purpose of this visa is to allow children who are not Australian nationals to stay in Australia indefinitely, work, study, and apply for citizenship if eligible


Dependent Child Visa: This visa allows the child to move to or reside in Australia until their parent’s Partner Visa application is approved


Parent Visa: This visa category is designed to allow eligible parents to stay in Australia indefinitely, work, study, and apply for Australian citizenship if eligible


Partner Visa: There is a temporary and permanent visa that partners may apply for


Prospective Marriage Visa: The visa allows individuals to come to Australia to join their Australian-based fiancé or prospective spouse


Working and Skilled Visas

Business Innovation and Investment Visa: The purpose of this visa is to allow eligible businesspeople to come to Australia to continue their investment activities on a permanent basis


Business Talent Visa: Individuals willing to invest at least AUD 1.5 million into a new or existing business may apply for this visa to permanently stay in Australia


Global Talent Visa: This visa is for eligible individuals who have an internationally recognised record of achievement in the area of a profession, sport, the arts, academia or research


Employer Nomination Scheme: The visa allows eligible individuals who are nominated by an employer to come to Australia for permanent residency and work purposes. The subcategories include the Direct Entry stream, the Labour agreement stream, and the temporary residence transition stream


Permanent Residence (Skilled Regional) Visa: This visa has been designed for individuals who have lived, worked, or studied in a designated region in Australia on an appropriate visa in the past


Skilled-Recognised Graduate Visa: This visa allows graduates under the age of 31 years old to stay in Australia for up to 18 months if they have completed an engineering degree at an eligible educational institution in the two years prior to application


Temporary Activity Visa: This temporary visa allows eligible individuals to come to Australia for the purpose of short-term, temporary work and to participate in events endorsed by the Australian government.

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