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Becoming a Permanent Australian Resident

It may be possible to become a permanent resident of Australia if you meet the eligibility criteria.

Some of the most common ways to obtain permanent residency include the skilled work visas and family visas.

There are strict eligibility requirements for each visa, meaning that you must demonstrate to the Australian border authorities the reasons why you qualify for the visa.

You may be eligible to apply for Australian citizenship after you hold permanent residence for a qualifying period of time.

Benefits of permanent residence in Australia:

Some of the most common reasons people apply for permanent residence include the following:

  • You are entitled to live and work in any area of the country

  • Your family members are eligible to move in with you

  • Your children are entitled to free education (up to a certain level)

  • You can apply for permanent residence on behalf of your family members

  • You may be eligible to apply for citizenship following a number of years of holding permanent residence

  • You can travel freely to and from Australia in the first five years


There is no single route to apply for Australian residence because there are a number of potential options available.

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