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Australian Work Visas

There are work visas available for the following categories of workers:

  • Skilled workers

  • Individuals who undertake specific activities

  • Highly specialised workers

  • Trainees on short-term visas

  • Experienced businesspeople

  • Individuals who are investors


Some of the most popular employment visas include the following:


Employer Nomination Scheme Visa (Direct Entry Stream) requirements:

  • Individuals must have the necessary skills to undertake the job

  • Individuals should be on the list of eligible skilled occupations

  • Applicants must be nominated by an Australian employer

  • They must meet the health and character requirements

  • They must have a competent standard of English

  • They must be under the age of 45

  • They must read or understand the Life in Australia booklet and agree to sign the Australian Values Statement


Skilled Independent Visa requirements

  • Applicants must be nominated by an Australian state or territory government agency and to apply

  • Aged under 45 years old

  • The role is on the list of eligible skilled occupations

  • Individuals have the relevant skills to undertake the role

  • You have obtained at least 65 points on the immigrations points system

  • Have a competent level of English

  • Meet health and character requirements

  • Read or understand the Life in Australia booklet and agree to the Australian Values Statement


Temporary Skill Shortage Visa requirements:

  • Hold a substantive visa or a Bridging Visa (A, B, or C) and have a history of complying with previous conditions of visas

  • Nominated by an approved sponsor to fill a role on the eligible short-term skilled occupation list or the medium and long-term strategic skills list

  • Have worked in your field of expertise for at least two years

  • Other health, skill, character, language, and value requirements


Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa requirements:

  • Nominated by an Australian state, government agency, or eligible relative. Asked to apply by submitting an expression of interest

  • Aged under 45 years old

  • Other skills, language, occupational, health, and value requirements


Temporary Work (Short Stay Specialist Visa) requirements:

  • Must have highly specialized skills, knowledge, or experience to undertake work in an Australian business

  • Hold adequate funds to maintain yourself

  • Other health and character requirements


Distinguished Talent Visa requirements:

  • Applicants must be nominated

  • Must contribute to Australian society economically, socially, culturally, artistically, or in the areas of academia or sports

  • Are internationally recognised with a demonstrable record of achievement in their area of expertise

  • Other language, health, character, and value requirements

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